UNAC National AGM

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UNAC National AGM

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The United Nations Association in Canada’s national annual general meeting (AGM) has been concluded; this event took place on June 12-14 and was hosted by the Hamilton branch of UNAC. The 3-day event took place at McMaster University, and consisted of a series of expert panels on the history of the United Nations: “[email protected]”. This was followed by a workshop for the UNAC branches, and then a series of branch reports on the previous year. Finally the annual general meeting was held to determine the business of the new year.

The Prince George branch of UNAC was represented by 2015-2016 president Kyle Cameron, who has provided this comment on the event:

“Hello, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with everyone the UNAC AGM that I was fortunate to have been a part of this year. I was able to go as the representative for United Nations Association in Canada, Prince George Branch. It was an amazing experience and I feel energized, motivated, and emboldened in the year ahead of our branch. I worked with some amazing people with exceptional ideas, and I look forward to this year to bring about even more change in our community, both Prince George, Canada and the global community. I also got to meet many of our experienced and helpful members from our national office, including the executive. I was also able to meet our national president and CEO Kathryn White. She is an amazing person with a lot of passion and great ideas. It was a pleasure to be a part of the national AGM this year and I look forward to the months ahead! As well I would like to welcome the newest branch to the UNAC family, UNAC-Regina. I am sure I speak for the Prince George branch in saying that we are looking forward to hearing your ideas and working with you in the future.”

The Prince George branch of United Nations Association in Canada looks forward to the months ahead, where we hope to share with the community, the nation, and the world our exciting ideas for the future.

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