Global Goals by Kyle Cameron

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Global Goals by Kyle Cameron

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Would like to share The Global Goals laid out by the United Nations in September. These goals may seem broad or unobtainable but it is important to recognize that the predecessor of the Global Goals, the Millennium Development Goals in September 2000 was just as ambitious and criticized by people for being unobtainable. Interesting about that is that many of the goals found in the Millennium Development Goals were reached, and those that weren’t reached was by a very small margin.

The important thing to remember is that we must raise awareness of these goals and to do what we can; The Global Goals won’t happen by themselves, they require global participation by everyone involved. It is easy to fall into the trap that your one voice cannot make a difference but this is not true. An example of this is the upcoming Canadian Election. It is easy to say that your one vote does not matter, but voter turnout for the 2011 election was 61.4%. The Conservative government was elected with 39.2% of the votes in Canada. If that 38.9% of non-voters had participated, the political landscape would be rocked by it. The same goes for global issues and policies such as The Global Goals.

The world will not fix itself, and we cannot fall into the habit of looking at these problems in different regions and the people affected by it as being “other” from us. We must remember that nationalities and race is a construct that we have created, and we must instead look towards “The Human Race”, which we are all a part of. These goals are big, these goals are ambitious, but these goals are feasible, but only if we choose to make them so.


mitchell l gold

October 26, 2015 at 1:30 pm

we hosted a UN Day celebration in Toronto this year but were rather dismayed at the lack of interest in the city of Toronto.
notwithstanding we are writing you to solicit your support for the development of the position of UN Resident Coordinator – this position does not exist yet in Canada and therefore needs to be developed.

Please advise of an interest in aiding in the development of the UN Resident coordinator position for Canada


    November 18, 2015 at 7:25 am

    Hi there, this is Kyle Cameron from UNAC-Prince George. I am replying to this comment to thank you for your interest in United Nations events in Canada. In terms of United Nations events and organizations in Toronto, I would recommend contacting your local branch of United Nations Association in Canada, as a Toronto branch is in existance:

    Thank you

    Kyle Cameron

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