Sport-in-a-Box: Dominican Republic

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Sport-in-a-Box: Dominican Republic

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This year the Prince George branch of the United Nations Association in Canada completed their second Sport-in-a-Box project. The equipment and letters collected by the children of the Prince George school district that participated in our project were sent to children of La Higuera, El Seybo in Dominican Republic. The representatives of the community that received these items reported:

“Batey La Higuera of El Seibo, cradle of good athletes. The municipal district of Santa Lucia, is a community belonging to the municipality of Santa Cruz de El Seibo, head of the province of El Seibo, in the Dominican Republic. It is composed of La Higuera section, which is the city head. The Santa Lucía Municipal District is integrated by the sections: La Higuera and El Pintado and their respective places. Its economy is based on, agriculture, particularly coffee, sugar cane, cocoa, citrus, livestock and mango. The community of La Higuera, is where most of the athletes that represent the Seibo Province come from in both national and international sporting events. Some of the professional athletes that come from La Higuera:

Wilfredo Juan (Carlitín), one of the most outstanding athletes champion in relay of 4X100X400
Freisa Iris Núñez Esther, she is a young champion athlete in javelin throw
Natanael Semei (Natan), is an athlete in long jump with pole vault”

Thank you for all the volunteers, teachers, and children that participated in this event. Special thanks to SBOX Project Coordinator Carmen for running the SBOX project at the school district as well as transporting the equipment to the Dominican Republic.

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