How can I join UNAC-PG?
Please see UNAC join link and follow the instructions for joining. To join, you will need to make an annual contribution, and when filling out the details for the donation specify it is towards UNAC-Prince George.

How many branches are there?
There are 16 branches of United Nations Association in Canada. A comprehensive list can be found here.

What area does UNAC-PG cover?
Although there are no specific “borders” between UNAC branches, UNAC-PG primarily covers Northern BC and the BC Interior. Other branches located in British Columbia are UNAC-Vancouver, UNAC-Kootenay Region, and UNAC-Victoria.

When does UNAC-PG meet?
Typically UNAC-PG meets monthly, on the last Sunday of every month (although this can be subject to change based on attendance). The venue for the meeting changes as well as UNAC-PG does not have a set office (please contact us if you are interested in attending a meeting).

How can I support UNAC-PG?
If you wish to become a member please see the previous question on joining UNAC-PG. If you are a member of another organization that would like to contact us please email us at [email protected] If you see us at a local event please feel free to speak to us, we would love to hear from you!